Our Services

Site Preparation (Surface)


We can mobilize a Denis Cimaf hydraulic boom mounted mulcher for larger projects or hand tools for more surgical work.

Tree & Stump Removals

Predictable tree removals and full cleanup is no problem. The wood can be left in any length or dimension requested or completely removed from your site. Through the use of a non-invasive single tooth, we can remove stumps with minimal impact to the surrounding area lessening the soil and sod required to re-green the area.

Root Raking

Leaving the fertile soil in place our 36” AMI Root Rake can clean up the surface of all roots that will try and reclaim your newly cleared land.

Low Impact Blasting

By using low impact blasting techniques, we can take care of erratic boulders on surface or any bed rock outcrops that are impeding your goals.

Tree Planting & Re-greening

Removals are often necessary to develop a site, but re-greening is essential and brings balance. Transplanting a variety of trees or hydro seeding for wildflowers are great options.

Site Preparation (Sub-Surface)

Excavating, Grading & Trenching

Small commercial or residential / rural class excavation is what we specialize in. We can help with a variety or projects from ditching and trenching to foundations and weeping tile.

Low Impact Blasting

Using low-impact blasting techniques we can affordably remove bedrock in almost any location. Consider expanding your yard, getting the bump out of your driveway, excavating for a pool or foundation work.

Construction & Maintenance

Primary Access Roads

Excluding top coats of asphalt or interlock, we can build you a quality access road that won’t heave, has proper drainage, compaction and grade that will require minimal maintenance for years.


Maintaining a drainage system is critical to avoid catastrophic damage to infrastructure. We can brush the regrowth and regrade or clean your drainage paths.


Using specialized excavation buckets we can layout, dig and backfill a service line or trench as required.

Surveys & Inspections

Drone Mapping

Using a DJI Phantom 4 Pro we can survey your site to build an accurate estimate or get you 4K aerial photo and video of your site.

Aerial Photography

In full compliance with Transport Canada’s regulations – training and flight plans – we are insured to fly drones for commercial purposes. Our drone service aids in our estimate development as well as our hand over package should you choose to have aerial site photos. Alternatively we can take sunset photos of camp, real estate shots for a private listing or complete inspections of chimneys and roofs.