Safety - We Are All Accountable.

At the heart of our safety program is the fundamental principle that “We Are All Accountable.” Safety is a team effort where we work together, look out for each other and take the steps necessary to go home better than when we came in.

All of the tasks we perform begin at the mentorship level. Here we provide the baseline operating principles to any job based on manufactures recommendations and current methods. Part of the mentorship process is to supervise and work with the trainee, so they gain the necessary experience to be confident in completing the task. When they work independently for some time, it gives the trainee the foundational knowledge to grow and gain experience. The trainee will return to their trainer to discuss the lessons they learned which builds a stronger initial program for the next trainee. This process helps to develop competence in a worker for each task we perform and ultimately grows the team in a unified way strengthening our safety culture.

For any work that we do, there are eight key elements to ensure we go home better than we arrive. All of these elements, together, when practiced daily, can help everyone go home better than the way they came in. They mitigate lost time, incidents, damages and injuries.

Misouri Contracting Safety Program


Being properly rested is critical to maintaining alertness, a positive attitude and good communication and is always a benefit – not just at work.


A calm demeanour fosters rational thought, and with that, it is easier to recognize unsafe acts before they take place. It conserves energy and maintains a healthy work environment.


Staying focused ensures that our minds are on the job. When the mind is focused – not fixated – it is safer, more efficient and productive.

Alert to Change

Being alert to our changing surroundings, for example, the weather, mobile equipment and our condition can significantly increase our safety.


Personal protective equipment is mandatory for our work sites. At a minimum, this includes boots, gloves, glasses, high visibility clothing and hearing protection.


Planning is crucial as it is the vision for the project and allows everyone to feel engaged and prepared. A well thought out plan will bring to light risks and gives rise to a better safer way.

Operationally Ready

Being operationally ready is about having equipment in good order, well maintained; it’s about the collection of personal elements described before: rest, calm, focus and alert to change.

Entrance & Egress

Fieldwork is frequently on uneven ground and in challenging conditions. Unobstructed access to the work area free of tripping hazards, entanglements, overhead debris, etc. is essential for a quick exit.