Fruit & Nut Orchard

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About The Project

The client enlisted our services to slash open a south facing field that would double their agriculture area for a fruit and nut orchard. A near-by spring will require a channel to move water around the perimeter of the field making for a beautiful landscape. A low accumulation of snow this winter let us get started early brushing down the area. Once the surface thaws a bit we’ll rake the area, collect and burry the roots. We’ll then excavate the drainage channel and grade the site for future transplanting.

Services Included

  • Site Preparation (Surface)

    • Brushing
    • Root Raking
  • Site Preparation (Sub-Surface)

    • Excavating, Grading & Trenching
  • Construction & Maintenance

    • Ditching
  • Surveys & Inspections

    • Drone Mapping