A Higher Level of professionalism

Superior site preparation, primary construction and project management services offered at a higher standard in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

A Higher Level of Professionalism

We have invested thousands of hours of time in not only the services we offer, but how we offer them. We strive to achieve a higher level of professionalism not only through our work - a quality finished product - but also the way we conduct business.

Committed to Our Clients & Employees

Our commitment to our clients and employees is to build safe, balanced and equitable relationships.

Planning for Success

We operate on the basis of planning for success and doing things right the first time. We would be more than happy to aid you in the success of your projects.

Dedicated to Safety

We developed a safety program that parallels current industry leaders. Through our 4 stage continuous improvement cycle we ensure that all employees are properly trained for the task and contributing to a better understanding of our business.


  • Site Preparation (Surface)

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    • Brushing
    • Tree & Stump Removals
    • Root Raking
    • Low Impact Blasting
    • Tree Planting & Re-greening
  • Site Preparation (Sub-Surface)

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    • Excavating, Grading & Trenching
    • Low Impact Blasting
  • Construction & Maintenance

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    • Primary Access Roads
    • Ditching
    • Trenching
  • Surveys & Inspections

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    • Drone Mapping
    • Aerial Photography

Safety – We Are All Accountable.

At Misouri Contracting, safety is at the core of our business. Our industry-leading safety program operates on four pillars, mentorship, experience, lessons learned and competence. Together, they provide the foundation for a safe and productive work environment.

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misouri contracting safety program

About Misouri

Located in Sudbury, Misouri Contracting offers services in site preparation, primary construction and project management. We provide pre and post-operation drone surveys to ensure that the initial project requirements are accurately conveyed, and that site handover is a smooth transition. Participating in various large-scale projects across Canada and developing our own 100 Acre parcel, we have faced many challenges over the years and are very excited to share our experience with like-minded people who are developing their dreams. Additionally, our strong technical and project background opens us to many unique and diverse opportunities.

Being carbon conscious is in our roots, and we operate based on the idea that site preparation can be sustainable. When required we will regreen and transplant trees to the newly developed land.